Welcome to McCulley Vision Therapy!


The evaluation will last approximately 1 hour.  We recommend both parents attend this appointment in order to fully understand the test results and doctor’s recommendations.

If you are referred by your Optometrist, please have the records faxed from the most recent eye exam to our office prior to your exam.  Fax: 701-373-0021

We look forward to meeting you!  Please call our office to set up the appointment:  701-373-2020

Important Notes:

Please arrive at the office on time for your appointment.

We require that all 3 forms are completed prior to your arrival:

  1. Symptoms checklist
  2. History form (all 5 pages)
  3. Release form

We do require that you bring your child to the exam without other siblings. If siblings are brought to the exam you will need to reschedule your appointment as this distraction affects the results of the exam.

During the exam we will perform many tests. Please advise your child beforehand that none of the tests will hurt. All of the tests are like playing "games".

Immediately following the testing, Dr. McCulley will review the results with the parents while your child relaxes in our Kids Area.

If Dr. McCulley prescribes Vision Therapy for your child, she will discuss the details of our vision therapy program at that time.