Patient Name: Leah V.

Leah started therapy in November 2011. She had trouble reading, keeping her place on the page, misreading B’s and D’s, and did not like to read at all. Within a few minutes of starting to read, she would fidget and want to quit.

After six months of therapy with Dr. McCulley, Leah’s eye muscles have grown stronger. She reads more fluently and enjoys reading the books she’s assigned in class.

-Penny V., 4-2-12


Patient Name: Solie K.

Solie has responded greatly to the treatment for her eye turning. Prior to treatment it would happen frequently. Post treatment it happens rarely. This will not only help her socially, but also in the next step of her learning assistance. I would recommend this program to any parent that has a child with the same condition Solie does.

-Chris K., 2-13-12


Patient Name: Tyler S.

TylerWe decided to try vision therapy with Dr. McCulley at our optometrist's suggestion after Tyler’s eye exam revealed he had problems with depth perception & tracking with his eyes.

Tyler has always had occupational therapy & special Ed. in school for reading because of the difficulty he has with writing. He has always read well above grade level, but struggles with writing in class. After just a month or two of vision therapy I noticed a big improvement in his posture when writing & on his follow up exam with Dr. McCulley his writing speed had greatly increased. About half way through vision therapy Tyler was put back in the regular classroom for reading class.

Tyler has also made great progress with his depth perception. Over the summer we noticed he could mow the grass without leaving big areas of unmowed grass because he could now see what he had already mowed. He was also able to shoot a BB gun with more accuracy & was proud to score 27/30 on his BB gun competition at Cub Scout camp.

Prior to our optometrist appointment I had never heard of vision therapy. Now I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling with these issues.

- Lori S., 1-9-2011



Patient: Jack S.

My son struggled through first grade with reading and writing skills.  After other school interventions were tried and support given it was narrowed down to seeing deficits in his vision, losing his place when reading, reversing letters even in his own name, and becoming very fatigued as he tried to concentrate and read.  Vision therapy was a suggested intervention by both his optometrist and the school occupational therapist. 

The home therapy exercises varied each month and worked on his areas of weakness.  Now as he is in second grade I see a definite improvement in his ability to keep his place and focus when reading, his fluency speed in reading, his copying and writing skills and most importantly on increase in his self esteem and confidence in his reading ability. 

The vision therapy helped my son in ways the school could not provide and helped me as a parent feel empowered in being able to help my child in school by working together at home with a plan and exercises for his specific needs.

- Laura S., 10-4-2010



Patient: Brett V.

Brett has struggled with handwriting tasks since preschool.  He had received Occupational Therapy at school in grades K, 1 and 2.  As second grade was approaching the end, my husband and I still had sufficient concerns w/the legibility of his writing.  He was avoiding writing tasks at school and began getting special education support @ school to support him w/writing tasks. 

A teacher recommended we get an evaluation don by a vision therapist, and I came across Dr McCulley’s program on my internet search.  We decided the cost of the program was worth it if our son’s school performance improved.  Initially, we saw improvements in his ability to track the baseball and hit it during his summer school baseball games. But, the most significant improvements have happened in the classroom. 

For the first time ever, his handwriting is 100% legible, his letters are appropriately sized, and he is able to write his thoughts on the line rather then above or below the line.  He knows where to start a sentence on the left margin and work across the to the right margin.  My husband and I are completely and 100% positive these changes are due to our commitment to vision therapy. 

Our son’s attitude towards school and homework has dramatically changed.  He does not avoid tasks that require handwriting anymore.  We would whole-heartedly recommend Dr. McCulley’s vision therapy program to others.

- Nancy V., 9-2-2010



Patient: Madison M.

Madison went through the Eye Therapy program with Dr. McCulley after we noticed she was really struggling with writing neatly and needing to use her fingers to guide her while reading in 2nd Grade.  Home work was always a huge struggle for her and she often would get frustrated and end up crying. 

When an Occupational Therapist for her school, Allison, evaluated her she said she was boarder line for needing Eye Therapy and recommended we at least meet with Dr. McCulley to get a 2nd opinion.  We did this and Dr. McCulley advised she was border line or a grade behind on many different areas.  My husband and I decided that for our daughters sake we wanted to at least give the Eye Therapy a try so maybe school wouldn't be such a struggle for Madison. 

Madison really enjoyed Dr. McCulley and was able to develop a relationship with her and trust what she said and asked Madison to do.  We spent 4 months in the Eye Therapy program and about half way through started to notice improvements.  The prior summer Madison tried to catch minnows at the lake with her cousins but never was able to catch any and got frustrated.  After just a couple months in eye therapy this summer we went to the lake with her cousins and she was catching the most minnows. 

Madison also hated to play Mario Cart on the Wii because she said she wasn’t good.  She then gave it another chance this summer and she was beating my husband and I over and over and now is very good at it.  She also doesn’t use her finger to guide her while she is reading and can read out loud to us at a good pace just using her eyes to guide.  Her hand writing is also improving.  All this I attribute to going through Eye Therapy.  Homework so far this year has been much, much easier and she doesn’t seem to be struggling like she did last year. 

Madison has noticed an improvement in all this also and this has helped her self esteem in school.  I would recommend this program to any child who struggles in some of these areas as I believe its going to make school and learning that much easier for her going forward.

- Heather M, 8-24-2010


Patient Name: Andy P.

AndyBefore Andy started Vision Therapy, he struggled to read and write. He had a hard time with math skills as they became more complex (long multiplication, divisions, etc.) His attention span in class was extremely short because he struggled to go between overhead/chalkboard to paper. Even I struggled to read his writing.

Dr. McCulley was very fun for Andy to work with. She allowed him to be himself and made the “homework” fun for him. She was kind and patient during the times he wanted to be done but provided enough incentive for him to pick it up and continue.

Now, Andy can read very well and his hand writing is perfect and small. He can copy overhead to paper easily and math isn’t hard for him at all. Even more “cool” to him is that he no longer needs glasses.

Thanks to the staff at McCulley VT!!

- Deb P., 6-10-10