Vision therapy is a means of treating different types of eye focusing and eye movement disorders. It involves in-clinic and at-home training procedures to make the eye muscles work more efficiently. This highly effective, non-surgical treatment is used for eye conditions such as a lazy eye, an eye turn, doublevision, and reading and learning disabilities. The treatments are individualized to meet each patient's needs and involve a course of "eye exercises" and progress evaluations that occur over an average span of about six to nine months. This type of therapy is not to be confused with any such "self-treatment" programs to strengthen the eyes. It is a professional, optometrist directed series of treatment that uses prescription lenses, prisms, eye patching and other patient-specific equipment to help properly develop or improve visual skills and abilities.

Vision therapy starts with a comprehensive vision examination by Dr. McCulley. If any visual skills are found to be lacking, a complete vision therapy evaluation will determine the means of treatment. Over the course of the progress, evaluations and the at-home training, great improvements can be made in patients' accommodation (near focusing), convergence (eyes focusing up close together) and motility (eyes moving smoothly together).